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Click here to download the Press Kit in a PDF format.  Rhonda R. Carpenter is an award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression. As well, Carpenter is a world famous Psychic, the fifth generation in a long line of powerfully clairvoyant women on her mothers side of the family. Among her other accomplishments, Carpenter’s first fiction-fantasy novel The Mark of a Druid was released fall 2008. Visit her websites where she blogs about life, writing, podcasting and publishing

Rhonda Carpenter was born in the Midwestern section of the United States. At the age of four, she began to see and experience visions of future events. As Rhonda grew up, so did her visions, in both descriptive content and frequency. A professional psychic for more than two decades, Rhonda discovered that while she could inform her clients about what experiences might be coming their way, she did not have the tools to help them handle the information or the motivation necessary to achieve their highest potential. Out of her commitment to helping others, Rhonda became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1994 at the Creative Learning Institute in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Carpenter has since received many awards and more than 30 certifications in hypnosis; including an additional clinical hypnotherapy certification from The Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Reseda, CA. The practice of Hypnotherapy brought it all together for Rhonda, allowing her to integrate her natural intuitive nature with scientific method and her commitments to helping others discover their own inner wisdom. Rhonda assists clients in fields from weight control, to examining financial patterns, to overcoming fears and phobias, exploring past and future lives, gaining self-esteem, increasing motivation and working to achieve their dreams. Rhonda has helped to guide and motivate clients and friends to create sustainable positive changes in their lives through her work with them. Carpenter’s work has been published in health newsletters and newspapers, as well on her websites Carpenter has produced 13 CD’s covering a range of issues in addition to an online interactive Handwriting Workbook and certification course, Handwriting Analysis in Black and White. Her first novel, “The Mark of a Druid,” is available at It is also available as a podcast on iTunes, and many other places on the web:,,, and Carpenter is a frequent public speaker on a variety of healing topics: Her photography can be seen in: “Above a Sea of Clouds” in a coffee table book called, Distant Visions, available now ISBN 0-7951-5273-6. Rhonda’s “Lake Arrowhead” photo taken 10/2006 for the local visitors guide and “What a View” which is due out in 2009 in an anthology of photos. Her 2009 projects include: Truth Slithers, From Mother to Daughter, When Ethers Descend and the always ongoing e-picture book, “The Book of Bubba-Words of Wisdom.” For more of what is happing with Rhonda R. Carpenter visit Rhonda Carpenter lives and has her practice in the Southern California Mountains where she lives with her husband of 20 years and her pets.

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Rhonda R. Carpenter P.O. Box 3145 Lake Arrowhead, Ca 92352

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Over the years Rhonda has been a member of The National Guild and many other Hypnosis organizations and the Union, but currently she is only a member of The International Hypnosis Federation due to the time constraints of’s Learn Annex.

Published Articles/Book/Shorts

  • 12 Local health articles in The Beam published between 2000 and 2004
  • 3 Articles in the International Hypnosis Federation Hypnosis News Published between 1999 and 2004
  • Novel- The Mark of a Druid- Published October 2008
  • Short- Walk-In Co-Authored with Arlene Radasky    
  • Short-Sometimes Enough is Enough October 2009

Handwriting Certification Course-Handwriting Analysis in Black and White, available on as an interactive online certification program.

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